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Ordering Jerseys & other equipment

Ordering MYH Apparel

You can now order Masco apparel from our local vendor, Sew Forth, and through the TSR hockey store.  

To order Masco apparel from Sew Forth, click the following link:


For ordering through the TSR hockey store, click the order form below.

Ordering Jerseys & other equipment

If you need to order  a travel team jersey or socks, please email the equipment director, Tim Oakes, at  Also please follow the instructions below.

Travel Jersey Order Form

  • Mite Travel through Bantam Players need BOTH a Red and a White jersey with the same number.
  • Mite Development (formerly House League): will receive a solid color jersey
  • Midgets: A solid Masco jersey will be made available for purchase


Click here for sizing information
New Travel Team Players: Jersey numbers are determined in part by the player's birth year. Odd birth years (99, 01, 03) pick odd jersey numbers. Even birth years (00, 02, 04) pick even jersey numbers.

When there is a jersey number conflict with another player, priority is given to returning players with unchanged numbers. If a conflict remains, the older player has priority. Players who do not indicate a number preference will be assigned a number. For the full jersey policy, see this page.
Please mail a check made payable to Masco Youth Hockey to the following address. Your jersey order will not be placed until a check is received.

Masco Youth Hockey Association
Tim Oakes - Equipment Director
PO Box 441
Topsfield, MA 01983

If you have any questions, email Tim at: