Hello Masco Squirts,

Quick update. The new rink will not be opening for the start of the season. They will be pushed back to mid-late September. What this means for Masco is that skills sessions on Thursdays will not begin until either September 15 or 22 depending on when the rink is ready. For our team, it means our Wednesday practices will not start until either September 21 or 28. In the meantime, Rich has looked for ice elsewhere. Masco's hockey season officially starts the day after Labor Day so the program will pay for ice for us somewhere else. We can skate at Brooks on Wednesdays but it is early. We would have the ice at 4:00pm.Rich LaFauci can make it on Wednesdays, so we would have at least one coach. It would only be for a couple weeks so hopefully people can manage it for the short term (short term pain for long term gain!). Could you please email me ASAP, and let me know who can make that time. We don't want to book the ice if people can't make it. Again, that would be for September 7 and September 14 to start. Also, we have not been able to secure any preseason ice, so we will start the season next week as planned. Let me know if you have any questions.

Please let me know as soon as possible so we have time to book the ice.

thanks, John Mal

Also, I would like cell numbers of all the parents so if I need to get in touch quickly with a text if ever needed.

thanks, John Mal