Development: Year 2

Mite Development (Formerly House League)

MYH’s Mite Development program builds on the foundation that was established in year one of the developmental program.  Mite Development runs from October through March and takes place mainly on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.  The purpose of Mite Development is to teach and develop the skills that are required for travel team play.  Building on what was learned in year one, Mite Development continues to emphasize skill development through station training and small area games.  Forwards and backwards skating, edge control, starting and stopping, pivoting, crossovers, passing, shooting and puck control are the main skills that will be taught.  However, player skill development is not the only intent of Mite Development.  The development of future travel team coaches is equally important. 

In Mite Development, players are randomly assigned to teams. The teams practice together and play small area games against each other. Although Mite Development is a little more intense than ITH, sessions are conducted in a positive atmosphere where FUN is the primary goal. Mite Development concludes with a banquet for players and families. Due to the close-knit nature of the Mite Development program, many children and adults develop lasting friendships. On-ice parent help is encouraged and appreciated.

Mite Development Eligibility Guidelines: 

Players are required to enter Mite Development for one season if the following criteria apply:

1) Player has been on skates for one season or less.

2) Player is age seven or younger.

Players have the option to tryout (March) for a travel team if either of the following criteria applies:

1) Player has been skating for at least two years.

2) Player is age eight or older and has skated for at least one season.

The objective of the Mite Development eligibility guidelines is to ensure that players are put in the appropriate program for their abilities.  A parent consultation with the ACE Coordinator and/or the Level Director will determine the best placement for the player.

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