Scoresheet Labels (VHL)

Below is the template for your team's pre-printed labels. MA & USA Hockey require all teams to use the pre-printed labels on all copies of the 3-copy scoresheets for all games.

  • The document can be used with Avery Labels 5263 or any 2”x4” blank label.
  • Only fill out the yellow label, all other labels will auto-populate.
  • Be sure all information is accurate and in either alphabetical or numerical order.
  • Information required on label are MAH Team #, Team Name, all Player Info (Name and Jersey #), Head Coach and Assistant Coach Names including CEP#, Level and Expiration Date.

Team Name - Team ID

Bantam AAA - MAH2089-001

Bantam AA - MAH2089-002

Peewee AAA - MAH2089-003

Peewee AA1 - MAH2089-004

Peewee AA2 - MAH2089-005

Squirt AAA - MAH2089-006

Squirt AA - MAH2089-007

Mite AAA - MAH2089-009

Mite AA1 - MAH2089-010

Mite AA2 - MAH2089-011

LC U10 - MAH2089-012

LC U12 - MAH2089-013

LC U14 - MAH2089-014

LC U16 - MAH2089-015

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