Co-ed Travel (Mite-Bantam)

The Masco travel hockey program includes Mite, Squirt, Pee Wee, and Bantam levels of play. All teams participate in the Valley Hockey League. Mites play cross-ice 4v4, and all other teams play full ice games.


Mites age 6-8, Squirts age 9-10, Pee Wee age 11-12, Bantams Age 13-14


September - April


Most practices are held at the Essex Sports Center located at 15 Manning Avenue, Middleton, MA. Some teams may practice at other nearby rink locations. Games are held at various rinks as scheduled by the Valley Hockey League.


Practices are generally held twice a week in the late afternoon or evening. Skater and goalie skills are held once a week in the late afternoon or evening.


Valley League Games start in early September and run through late March or early April. Mite teams play approximately 20 to 25 games per season. Squirt, Pee Wee and Bantam teams play approximately 35 to 40 league games. Some teams may participate in additional tournaments that are outside of the Valley League (cost not included in tuition), which are organized by the coaches or managers of the individual teams (examples: CAN/AM or State Tournaments).


Home and away jerseys, and socks are required for each player. Cost for jerseys and socks are additional to the annual tuition fee.

Additional Costs

Most players who attended tryouts in March have already paid $550 towards this year's tuition. For players who did NOT already pay this at tryouts, this $550 will be added separately and in addition to the tuition plan presented to you during registration. This is because the tryout fee was processed using our old solution provider, so next year the tryout payment will be integrated in with the season tuition payment. Thanks for your understanding!

2019-2020 Mite

2019-2020 MYH Co-ed Mite Travel Hockey


2019-2020 Squirt

2019-2020 MYH Co-ed Squirt Travel Hockey


2019-2020 Pee Wee

2019-2020 MYH Co-ed Pee Wee Travel Hockey


2019-2020 Bantam

2019-2020 MYH Co-ed Bantam Travel Hockey