Masco Uniforms, Swag & Apparel

To order your Masco Uniform for the 2024-2025 season, please click the button below.

All orders must be placed no later than JUNE 10.

If your player needs a number, please reach out to Ryan Dauwer at to select your number prior to purchasing your uniform.

*Odd birth years ('11, '13, '15) will choose an odd jersey number and all even birth years ('12, '14, '16) will choose an even jersey number.

Co-Ed Uniform Requirements:

  • Black Co-Ed game jersey
  • White Co-Ed game jersey
  • Game socks
  • Pants shell.

Lady Chieftains Uniform Requirements:

  • Red LC game jersey
  • White LC game jersey
  • Game socks
  • Pants shell.

*If your daughter plays for both co-ed and lady chieftains, she will need 4 jerseys (Black & White Co-Ed, Red & White LC)

Hockey Gear Starter Package

Hockey is a very physical sport and with that, comes a lot of protection and necessary equipment. To the right is a visual to help you get started.

Masco has partnered with Pure Hockey to offer our beginning hockey players a convenient and affordable option to get your player ready to hit the ice.

Packages start at only $283 and include all your player's basic introductory needs. If you already know your sizes, great - you can order everything here. If you n3ed to get fitted, stop into any of the local Pure Hockey stores to get fitted then come back to this page to placenyour order.

Quick reminder that neck guards are now required per USA Hockey and will need to be worn on the ice. Mouth guards are not required at the lower levels and are only required at peewee level (10+) and higher. A practice jerseys and socks are also available for purchase to be added on to your bundle.

Starter Bundle and additional items available through our online store now through June 23.

Jersey Sweatshirts

Custom sublimated hooded sweatshirt that looks just like the game jerseys! If you are looking for another fun option to add to your Masco swag collection, you can now order those super-cool hooded sweatshirts everyone has been talking about! Sweatshirt orders are offered through a different vendor and need to be paid separately. If you are interested in ordering, please complete the google sheet and make check payable to Masco Youth Hockey. Cost is $52 per sweatshirt and includes shipping.

Ordering Directions:

  1. Open up the "Sweatshirt Order Form" google sheet.
  2. Select the appropriate team tab on the bottom.
  3. Find player(s) name(s) and enter in the order info.
  4. If you are a coach/team manager or parent looking to purchase additional jerseys, please fill out the info on the coordinating tabs provided.
  5. TRIPLE CHECK sizing, color, name spelling and jersey numbers.
  6. Make check payable to Masco Youth Hockey for $52 x sweatshirt quantity.
  7. Checks to be mailed to Masco Youth Hockey, PO Box 441, Topsfield, MA 01983.


Lady Chieftains

Size Chart

SewForth Swag

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CTS DESIGNS - Bling Swag


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