Program Fees


All participants will be required to pay participation fees. The only exceptions to this requirement will be the extent to which particular players and their families are eligible for (subject to the final approval of the MYH Treasurer) Injury Credits, Multiple Player Discounts or Scholarships.  Please refer to those specific sections of this policy for additional details.


Final Fees for a season are determined in August when the BOD approves the program's annual budget.  The fee structure for all levels may vary from season to season depending upon expenses, enrollment, number of games and other factors. 

Registration/Tryout/Rostering/Late Fees

All players who tryout for a Travel Team will be required to pay a $50 Registration/Tryout fee.  Registration/Tryout fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.  Players that have past due tuition balances from the prior season will not be allowed to tryout until outstanding balances have been paid in full or satisfactory payment arrangements have been made with the association's Treasurer.

Please note that a $500 Roster fee is due no later than May 1st in order for a player to 1) secure their place on a travel team roster and 2) be allowed to participate when the season commences in the Fall. The Registration/Tryout and Roster fee will be applied to a player's overall participation fees for the season.

Rosters are finalized sometime between April 15th and April 25th. At the time that a player is notified of their travel team placement, the family will have 10 DAYS to notify MYH (Level Director, Treasurer, President or Rostering Director) in writing, either by email or other written form, if it is their intention to decline the roster spot.

Registration/Tryout and Roster fees must be paid in full, when due, for each participant, regardless of whether a multiple player discount may ultimately apply.  Multiple player discounts will be reflected on a player's outstanding balance after October 1st, the date by which the program is required to submit all travel team rosters to Mass Hockey.  In addition, late registrations will be subject to a $50 late fee.

Fee & Payment Schedule

2023 - 2024 Season

Learn to Skate/Intro to Hockey

Fees due at time of registration

$120 per session

1st Session (Mid September)

2nd Session (Mid November)

3rd Session (Early January)

Mite Development - Formerly House League ($800 total)

Due Date

First PaymentAt Tryout / Registration $250.00
Remaining TuitionSeptember-January $550.00

Mite Fees ($2095 Total)    

Due Date

Registration/Tryout FeeFebruary-March$50
Roster FeeMay 1$500
Remaining TuitionSeptember-January $1,545

Squirt Fees ($2395 total)   

Due Date

Registration/Tryout FeeFebruary-March$50
Roster FeeMay 1$500
Remaining TuitionSeptember-January $1,845

Pee Wee Fees ($2395 total)

Due Date

Registration/Tryout FeeFebruary-March$50
Roster FeeMay 1$500
Remaining TuitionSeptember-January $1,845

Bantam Fees ($2395 total) 

Due Date

Registration/Tryout FeeFebruary-March$50
Roster FeeMay 1$500
Remaining TuitionSeptember-January$1,845

Midget Fees                       

Due Date

Season 1September 15$800
Season 2December 15$800

Lady Chieftain Fees ($1700 total)

Registration/Tryout Fee



Roster Fee

May 1


Remaining Tuition



*If a player is on a MYH Co-ed Travel Team the cost to add on Lady Chieftains for the season is $500. Lady Chieftain alternate skater is $1,020 for the season.             

Players who do not maintain their accounts on a timely basis will be suspended from participation. Any player with an outstanding balance in excess of 15 days past a scheduled due date will not be allowed to return to his or her respective team until the balance is paid or satisfactory arrangements have been made with the program's Treasurer. If you anticipate any difficulty in meeting the payment schedule, you are obligated to notify the program's Treasurer at the beginning of the season or if you know that you will be unable to meet a particular MYH payment deadline. Requests for alternative payment plans will be kept strictly confidential. Midget players must be paid in full prior to participating for their respective team. There will be a $20 fee assessed for any returned check.

Payment Address

All payments should be made online here through the season registration process.

Refund Policy

The payment schedule and policies of Masco Youth Hockey are very reflective of other youth hockey organizations in Massachusetts in the sense that the program requires members to pay their participation fees in full soon after the season commences. This reflects the fact that a significant portion of the association's operating expenses comes due very early in the season. Accordingly, certain payments are non-refundable and non-transferable as defined above. If a player withdraws from the program before midnight on the last day of September, then that player will be eligible for a refund of 50% of their September 1st tuition payment. In either instance, the program's Treasurer or President must be notified by email or in writing by the last day of September. No refunds will be issued to any player who decides to withdraw from the program after October 1st and as such, any player still in the program after October 1st will be required to meet the program's full tuition requirements for the season unless the player's circumstances are reviewed and approved as a special hardship case by the Board of Directors.

Injury Credit Policy

If a player is unable to participate because of illness or injury, hockey related or not, he/she may be eligible for a monetary injury credit subject to the review and approval of the program's Treasurer.  The following criteria will be used when evaluating a player's eligibility for an injury credit:  

  1. The injury/illness must be at least three weeks in duration;
  2. The player's circumstances will be reviewed upon their return to their respective team except in situations where a player will be out for the remainder of the season;
  3. The injury/illness must be verified by the Level Director and the length of absence verified by that player's coach.  If these criteria are met and the Treasurer approves the credit, the dollar amount will be determined by using the participation fees for that level, net of Registration/Tryout and Roster fees, divided by the number of weeks in the season and multiplied by the number of weeks the player has missed.

Multiple Player Discount Policy

Any family in the program with three or more children participating on travel teams during the same season will be eligible for a multiple player discount computed as follows:   The family will be assessed 100% of the two highest tuitions and 50% of the third highest tuition. In the event that a family has four or more children participating on travel teams during the same season, then the program will waive the tuition requirements from the 4th child, the 5th child and so on. All discounts will be reviewed and applied (or refunded if appropriate) after October 1st and after MYH has submitted its rosters to Massachusetts Hockey. This policy only applies to participation on one of the program's travel teams. Other family members participating in the program's Learn to Skate, Intro to Hockey, Spring Challenge, House League or other offerings, will be subject to the full tuition requirements for those programs.


Depending upon overall program enrollment and circumstances, limited scholarship opportunities may exist from year to year. Anyone wishing to explore or discuss scholarship opportunities should contact the program's Treasurer directly.

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